Strip House 24- layer Chocolate Cake

So last weekend, I am home watching the Food Network in my vegetated state. This show called the best thing I ever eat is on. I love that show, you have all these fab chef talking about the best thing they ever eat, it couldn't get any better than than. Across my TV screen all I see is a chocolate so high I started counting the layers. Strip House 24-layer Chocolate Cake stands at 8 inches with 12 layers of lush chocolate cake filled with 11 layers of smooth chocolate filling and the 24th, a layer of semi-sweet ganache made of imported French chocolate. Can you say O...M....G!!!!!

For weeks that's all I could talk about. So my sweetie takes me out for date night and where do we go to my surprise Strip House. All I can think about is the chocolate cake. Everyone around me is ordering the cake, so I cant wait. But I have to eat first :( .... so I did.

Time for dessert, the cake comes out and my mouth opens. Look at it... Just look! Can you count the layers?All I can say is WOW. It the best chocolate cake I ever had. I must tell you that if you would like to order the Strip House 24-layer Chocolate Cake, which serves 8 to 10 people, it can be ordered exclusively through Neiman Marcus. The cost of the cake is $95.00, plus delivery and processing is another $17.00.

Though the price may sound like an indulgence, so is the cake. You will enjoy every delectable bite of the the 24-layer cake.
What's the best Chocolate Cake you ever had?