A couple of months ago we were asked to sponsor a tea party for little girls ages 5-13. I was so excited about the concept that i had to say OMG.. since i have a little girl of my own i thought it was very important.

"The OMG! Tea Party started in 2009 as a way to provide young girls with the opportunity to experience the tradition of tea and build self esteem," stated Shakira Johnson owner of Johnson PR & Events. "In general, today's society does not promote the true value and beauty of women. As a result many young girls grow up with a lack of confidence and low self worth. The purpose of the OMG! Tea Party is to help counterbalance this trend by encouraging respect for one's self and consideration for others, at the same time allowing the girls to have a wonderful experience that is truly out of the ordinary"
This year's new location will also impress because we are having tea on the lawn of the Liberty Hall Mansion right next to their beautiful rose garden and carriage house. Additionally there will be activites that the children and adults can do together.

If you are in New York /New Jersey area on Sunday, August , 29, 2010 and would like to attend this glam event with your little girl, please check out http://www.omgteaparty.com/ to purchase your ticket for this event.

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