My weekend was great and too short. With my son playing football and my daughter cheering i really dont have time for anything else. But you know that i will make time for anything that contains cake. Saturday I went to NYC to take a class with Chef Janet Ben-Ami to learn how to do a 3D Coach Designer Bag Cake . It was great I learn alot and I cant wait to do another bag. I am not done with my bag yet, I will post the pictures once I am done later this week.

I also worked on a another birthday cake. He wanted a cake that show his house number where he grew up. Sunday i was busy with one of my favorite people Em, We did a cake tasting with one of her clients. Thanks for the referral, I think you are doing a great job with the wedding.

So lets start contining down the week cause i am ready for friday night. (not that i will be out dance more that likey i will be baking. LOL..)