I am not a morning person, for those of you who don't know me i really don't start speaking until 11:30am. Not sure why but there is something about my my bed that i love. Today was a beautiful day, it felt like Indian Summer/Fall. The leaves are changing and everything is looking very pretty. Fall Baby....

Over the weekend i went to a class with the NYC Cake Decorators Meet up and meet Amy DeGiulio from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. The class was a cake business roundtable. We talked about starting your business, what made us get into cake decorating and how we can take your hobby to the next level. I must say that it was really great to be in a room with fellow cake decorators. Amy was great she shared her lessons learned so far and was very opened on sharing whatever information she had. Check out her site her flowers are beautiful. Amy you rock.

I have a busy week but i will make sure to post pictures of some of cakes and cupcakes i am doing.

Also stay tuned for the New Shipment of the Week. Your jaws will drop..