Happy Monday everyone hope you had a great weekend!

As you know i have been working on a wedding cake and decided to just document everything about this process. So let's being

I have my stucture map out, now need to work on what is doing on the cake. Client would like to use gumpaste flowers but doesnt have the budget for it. So she decides on fresh flowers. Her wedding colors are Sappire and Canary.

We decided on a design that will include 5 tiers each tier will have a sappire band on it and every on other tier will have a bow to the side of the cake with a broach in the middle of the bow. We will have fresh flowers on top with a crystal initial on the top of the cake.

To determine how much the cake you decide on first you have to decide what is the rate in your area. Then you decide how much per piece you charge times the number of people the cake will feed.

Supplies list
16' Cake drum
cake boards for each tier

I think that it but i am sure i forgot something.

Stay tune as we start to cake all these cake and see what happens