So you get your first order for a wedding cake. You ask the important questions and now you are ready to design. The client gives you a photo of a cake that she would like her cake to be similar to and you start deigning.

How do you know what size cake are in the picture?
What size cake pan are you using?

I got my first wedding cake order. I must say in all the classes i have taken no one ever sat down and explain, what size cake you should be using when you are doing to create a certain look. Subsequently i went to Google searching for the answer.

I had an idea that i can put an 8' onto of a 10' but you can also do a 6' on top of a 9'. There are rules but they are no rules, you can let you creative juice follow to create a great cake.

I start designing my cake. I need it to feed 100 people. Therefore i decided on the follow1ng:
6' round - Vanilla
6' square -Red Velvet
8' round - Red Velvet and Vanilla
10' square - Vanilla
12' round - Red velvet

This feeds about 114 people.

Stay posted as i dissect creating a wedding cake.