I have create a few purse cakes before. This time i decided to use an edible image on this cake. Edible images are printed on a sheet of frosting sheet using an edible ink printer. It's a great help because, if i didn't have the edible image i would have to hand pipe all of the GG's in the Gucci logo. When i order the image it came on a 8x11 paper. The image was then split into two and 4x4 square. It has a protective paper in the back of the image. To take it off the paper, you would have to peel the image off the paper and apply it to your fondant covered cake. I order the image from Sweet Dekor . I needed the image in a rush and Justine from Sweet Dekor was really nice. They got the image to me in 1 business day. To apply the image, you apply a little drop of water to the back of the image and attach it to your cake. The only thing i didn't like about the image is that it cracks or tear easily. So i would suggest putting the cake on the cake drum first before you apply the image. This way you will avoid tearing the edges when you move it. Other than that its was easy to use. It's my new favorite thing.

Created this bag for Nakiyah 25th birthday party. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

If you have any questions let me know, i hope i didn't miss a step. Have a great week everyone.