You wouldn't believe what everyone is talking about? done guessing? Well i will tell you William and Kate wedding. I know who would of guess.. My daughter asked me what the big deal was and why everyone was going so crazy about this wedding. So i had to explain to her that this doesn't happen often and it's a rear occasion. I was too young to remember the day Princess Diane got married but to this day everyone talks about it.
For the past 2 months all everyone is trying to figure out is what dress is Kate wearing. Am I wired? But i don't care about the dress. What i want to know is who is making the CAKE? How many cakes will they have? How big of a cake will you have to have to feed all of those people? How many days it took to create it? I need the whole behind the scene about this cake. I think they should have a special with the cake artist, explaining how he or she began to design this master piece. I am just say...
So i think i have to wake up at 5am to see all the festivities. I don't know if that will happen cause if anyone knows me i am not one for waking up at the crack of dawn. There is just something about sleep that is so good. I will going into my other OBSESSION SLEEP in another post. LOL But i will DVR it so i can see the cake. LOL
So who is tuning in at 5am?