Never try to decorate sugar cookies when you are tried. Last night i decide that i wanted to outline and flood my cookies. Look what happen :( I was rushing using a spatula and not a squeeze bottle.

There is so much do's and don't but i will just give you the don't for now.


  • I used #4 tip to outline my cookie but i think a smaller one would of been better

  • When outlining your cookies take your time don't not rush

  • Try not to over flood the middle of the cookie. (use a squeeze bottle not a spatula like i did) So this is what i ended up with. This will have to do becuase there is so many layers that i need to add to it. I will keep you posted on how i do with the next step.

I know the "Cookie Gods" are looking down on me right now shaking there heads

Have a good day everyone!