Can you believe that i have been so busy that i missed my other half own birthday. Who does that? This past year i have been working so hard on learning everything about cake decorating and baking new recipes, That i have just missed her birthday. Cakeaholic is like the other half of me. I have discover this creative part of me that i am share to the world. Most of you already know how this all came about, but for those who don't here it goes.

i wanted a hobby something for me to do away from being a wife and a mother of three. i spend my spear time running errands and shuffling my kids to and from Cheer leading and basketball practice and games. So it was no surprise to my husband when i asked him to help me think of a hobby. I was trying to find something i can enjoy that i love. I love baking so I saw some classes advertised for cake decorating. I thought how fun would that be i can decorate my family birthday cakes. How fun right? I went to the class and from the first day i was obsessed. Then a few moths later Cakeaholic was born. Now i spending all of my extra money on her.

How did i get started?
  • Signed up for some classes at my local craft store
  • I created my page so i can document my progress
  • I started meeting other obsessed people like myself and learn even more

What have i learn?
  • Practice make prefect
  • don't do anything unless you are having fun doing it
  • Charge for your personal time. Because this is my passion i have a hard time charging for it and people tend to take advantage.
  • Make a schedule for each project. When i have an order to do, i create a list of "things to do" and i check it off as it is done. The reason i do this is because somethings you get caught up in the creative part of cake and you miss some details.
So addicts send your Happy Birthday to your girl Cakeaholic. we love her and wish you many more!

P.S i wanted to throw confetti but didn't know how maybe i will learn that for next year. So if my fellow addicts now how to do that please share.

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