Summer is over, School has started.  Around this time of year I start to clean out my closets and get myself organized for the fall.  I love fall it's my favorite time of year. Everything seems to taste better in the fall.  I have all my favorite treats to eat now.  It’s time for Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie, Warm Peach Cobbler and a scoop of ice cream over it.  Clearly I am a foodie and I can’t help it.  But seriously I love this time of year.
 So in an effort to clean up and organize myself for the fall I have read my blog and I think I need to start making some changes to it.  

Things to do:
  1. I need to fall back in love with blogging
  2. Try to figure out how to find time to blog, manage my family activities and Cakeaholic orders without losing my mind. 
  3. GET A NEW CAMERA.  I should of put this as number ONE.  I need to learn to take better pictures.
  4. I think I want to redesign my page and go to Word Press.  
So I think I need help with this. I am enlisting the help of my addicts to help me get Cakeaholic organize.  What do you think I need to change?  What do I need to add or do more of?  How do you balance blogging and your family without losing your mind?