I am such a girlie girl at heart. I love everything pink and purple and with hearts and stars. So when i was shopping at my favorite store Marshall's and came across these pretty spoons. I had to have it. As a baker you know i have tons of measuring spoons. I just want to add these to my collection. 

But i couldn't resist to buy these cute measuring spoons. But they should of a been a buyer BEWARE sticker on it.

So it Friday night i am working on tons of orders for the weekend, and i have to make 4 batters of red velvet. I mix all four batter and pour them in the pan. I taste the batter and it's a little off but i don't think anything of it because my hands still has salt and baking powder on it. I put (2) 14' pans in the oven i wait for it to be finish.

I always make tester cupcakes so i take taste the cake. I wait for the cupcake out the oven and wait for it to cool to taste it. Can you say OMG. Its nasty, i cant even eat it. I spit it out and ask my official Test Taster. She couldn't believe what how awful it tasted either.

So to sum this story up i had to throw away all the cake away and had to start over.  Can you say a long night.